beautyliesunderneath: How do you feel about Kenzi's death? :/ You think Bo will get her back?

I’m personally quite sure that she will, why would we even need this blog then?


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Mini Kenzi Meme ♦ 3/4 - Scenes/Quotes

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Favorite character meme:
four relationships » Kenzi & Bo

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Bo & Kenzi in season 3

"If anything happens to me, you gotta know that you are taken care of. Don’t worry."
"Oh, no. This is not my worried face. This is my game face. I know that you’re gonna get through this, and I’m gonna be on the other side with mojitos because, horns or not, we getting drunk when this is done."

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BREAKING: Zoie Palmer Comes Out

Zoie Palmer aka Lauren from Lost Girl just came out at The Canadian Screen Awards. Zoie came out subtly by thanking her partner, Alex, and their son. 

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what’s so great about kenzi anyway?

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favorite kenzi hairstyles through the seasons [requested by → pansyparkinson]

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